3 Awesome Ways Apartment Amenities Will Save You Money

Posted on: 8 January 2015

If you're moving soon, you can save money throughout the year by selecting an apartment community offering amenities that will help you conserve your cash. By searching out communities that go beyond the normal fare of onsite laundry rooms and swimming pool access, you may uncover a whole world of free service options. The best savings come from amenities that allow you to obtain free access to services or equipment you would otherwise pay for out of pocket. Here are three money saving perks frequently provided when you lease a high-end apartment home.

Built In Workout Gear

High quality apartment communities may promote good physical and mental health of their residents by providing an onsite gym. For the apartments to stay competitive, gym equipment quality and variety often rivals the best-equipped membership-only facilities in the immediate area. Residents and their guests are welcome to use the gym any time, day or night, without paying a cent extra above rent.

With average gym membership costs hovering around $55 a month, you save more than $650 just by using the equipment provided by your apartment community. Furthermore, you are more likely to actually use the equipment since you cut the commute out of the equation. With a gym onsite, you can easily jump up in the morning for a quick workout without cutting into time allotted for your other daily activities.

Space For Events

Apartment communities often include a comfortable and spacious cabana or party room for their residents to use for personal events, like birthday parties and wedding receptions. By using the party room for your gatherings, you will avoid having to deep clean your apartment to impress guests while saving a considerable amount of money.

The average birthday party at the ice cream parlor or zoo ranges from $100 to $300 just for a couple hours of fun. You can reserve the party room or cabana at your apartment for the entire day by booking well in advance. Hosting a wedding reception there will save you even more with the average cost of an appropriate venue sitting just above $2,500. Many apartment party rooms include a full kitchen, so you can avoid catering costs as well.

Business Center Equipment

Fully equipped business centers are popping up at apartment communities to help residents prepare, print and send important documents at no additional cost above rent. Although it might feel a bit more convenient to make your own home office, the price of all that equipment quickly adds up. Furthermore, it will cost you money for ink and paper to print documents on a regular basis.

You will spend anywhere between 10 to 40 cents per page, depending on the type of paper and ink you use to print. Furthermore, if you do not print often, the ink inside of your inkjet printer could dry up and ruin your equipment. Apartments maintain and replace equipment in addition to keeping supplies fully stocked without charging residents for use of the business center.

Finding The Perfect Apartment

If you're happy with the savings potential provided by the included amenities, ask the managers, like H & R Property Management, to take a tour of the grounds and available units. You will want to inspect the apartments and amenities in person to make sure they live up to your expectations. Check each feature included in each room throughout the apartment by opening cabinets, closets and appliances. Look for signs of wear and tear that were missed during the renovations performed after the prior tenant moved out.  

While taking the full tour, pay attention to the cleanliness and condition of the shared public areas, like the gym, cabana, business center, swimming pool and grilling areas. Take note of noise levels and perceived resident satisfaction to determine if the community will work for your needs. Remember that upper units are often a bit quieter than ones on the lower levels are, but you will have to carry your belongings and purchased items further from the parking lot.