4 Features To Look For When Buying A Luxury Condo

Posted on: 17 March 2015

A condominium, or condo, is a home situated in a building with multiple units. Condos come in all sizes and in many price ranges, and you can even purchase luxury condos. While these are more expensive than other options, they offer a lot of amenities that you may really desire in a house. If you are interested in purchasing a luxury condo, you might want to look for one that has some, or all, of these features.

Security Features

Security is an important feature offered in many condo buildings, and there are several common options you can find when searching for condos for sale. The most common security feature found in condos is a locked outside door. Every homeowner in the building will have a key, code, or card to use to get through the door, but no one else can enter.

Another common security feature is an intercom system. When a person comes to your home, he or she can push the intercom and talk to you through it. Some of these systems even have video cameras and screens to allow you to have face-to-face communications.


With some luxury condos, a doorman is present at all times. This person is there for primarily security purposes, but that is not the only benefit of doormen. Doormen also provide other services and duties, and some of these include:

  • Accepting packages for you
  • Walking your dog if you are sick
  • Bringing things up to your unit

The availability of these services and the added security makes a doorman an excellent feature for a luxury condo. 

Outdoor Patio

Another feature you may really want in the condo you purchase is an outdoor patio. While most condos have patios, many are very small. You can find some units with large outdoor patios though, and this could be nice if you:

  • Enjoy cooking outside on a grill or smoker
  • Like sitting outside on nice days
  • Have a dog or cat
  • Want to smoke a cigar
  • Want more space for entertaining guests
  • Own patio furniture

As you view condos for sale, keep this feature in mind, and look for a condo that has an outdoor patio that is big enough for your needs.

Temperature-Controlled Wine Room

If you love wine and enjoy collecting it, you may want to have a space in your house that is ideal for storing the bottles you have. According to the Wine Doctor, a wine room should have a consistent temperature between 10 degrees C to 13 degrees C. Keeping wine at this temperature helps the wine stay fresh and avoids damage to it.

Wine rooms should also have the correct humidity level, which is vital for the corks inside the bottles. Ideally, a wine room's humidity level should be between 50% to 70%. If you find a condo that contains a wine room, the room itself may be small; however, it will be designed perfectly for your wine. This means that it may contain:

  • Racks and shelves for storing your wine
  • Low lighting because light can harm wine
  • Humidifier system to control the level in the room

Finding a condo with a wine room may not be easy to do, but you could always look for a condo that has an area you could convert into a wine room. You could hire a contractor to complete the work, but you should make sure the contractor knows exactly what features to include to make the room perfect for storing wine.

As you shop for the perfect condo, make sure you look at many units. This will help you find one with the features you really want, and you can hire a real estate agent for help with finding the perfect home for you.